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About Us

The Best Way to Shop for South African Wine and Beer in the USA

Welcome to African Tradition! We created to give you the ultimate experience when enjoying your long-time favorite or discovering some of the best wines and beers from South Africa.

Why Us?

We want to share our heritage from South Africa with our new found home in the USA. African Tradition offers the largest selection of South African Wine, Beer and Spirits in the USA. South Africa’s wine region brings the older traditions mixed with exciting new world wines.

Unique Wine Club

Each box includes handpicked South African Wine from our experts.

Unsure about what membership to select? That’s alright! We offer an array of membership options! Whether you’re looking to explore South African Wine for the first time or dive deeper into regions, we offer something for everyone.

Expert Advice

Exploring South African Wine, Beer and Spirits opens up the doors to a whole new world of flavors! South Africa is known for their unique creations that’ll leave you wanting more. There’s an added bonus, tired of the hangovers? South Africa is one of the most natural wine, beer and spirits makers from around the world. Connect with a South African Wine expert to learn more by emailing us at or connecting on Facebook.

Personal Touch

South African Wine, Beer and Spirits need extra love and care, which we give them. After all, they’ve been on a journey across half of the world. Each box is hand packed with care and attention to keep your beloved wine, beer and spirits safe.

Why south african wine in the usa?

South Africa is deemed the world’s next “it” region due to its unique offerings. It’s been undervalued throughout the years and we’re here to introduce you to a whole new world of wine, beer and spirits from Southern Africa. With real-time responses to climate change, modern tastes and the culture, it’s hard not to love it. Today, South Africa is the ninth-largest producer of wine worldwide.

Popular and Traditional Wines include Chenin Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Entirely unique to South Africa is the Pinotage and Cape Riesling.

South Africa is also known for it’s wine blends, offering unique blends like no other with unexpected twists that make your pallet sing.

more than wine, beer, ciders and spirits too!

We offer more than South African Wine! Try some unique traditional beer and cider favorites:

Beer: Black Label (South African), Castle Lager Beer, Castle Lite, Hansa Pilsener, Windhoek, and Windhoek Draught.

Ciders: Savanna Dry, Savanna Light, Savanna Loco, Hunters Dry, Hunters Extreme, Hunters Gold, and Hunters Hard Lemon.

At Southern African Products, we also carry a variety of spirits including brandy, ports, African Cream Liqueurs such as Marula and more!

We hope your enjoy a little piece of our home in your home!


The Team

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